Danielle Whaley

Danielle is the owner of Metro Detroit HypnoBirthing and she began her journey with HypnoBirthing International four years ago after the JOYOUS cesarean birth of her daughter Tegan. Danielle's personal philosophy has been "Life doesn't always happen how we imagine. All I can do is be the best ME in moments that test us." And that is exactly what HypnoBirthing helped her do in June 2014. Through her work she was able to achieve a relaxed and PAIN FREE birth experience, despite it needing to be more "medical" than originally hoped for.

Then, in July 2018, Danielle, Zach, and Tegan welcomed the perfect addition to their family…Matilda Jae Whaley! This birth was particularity eye opening since this was Danielle’s well-planned VBAC. This experience brought even more knowledge to Danielle’s classes and now she instructs hundreds of families all over Metro-Detroit.

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Becky Adrianse

Becky was a middle school teacher for 10 years before she became a momma to her son in 2015. She took HypnoBirthing with her husband to prepare for this birth and became very passionate about the world of birth. From then on she knew she wanted to share it with all soon-to-be parents. Her ultimate goal is for all her students to welcome their babies without fear and knowing all of their options.

Her and her family moved to Holly in 2018 and since there were no HypnoBirthing classes in the area, she wanted to fill that need. When she’s not teaching HypnoBirthing classes, she is lucky enough to stay home with her two kiddos.


Ashley Sawyer

After working 10 years in various degrees of custom service, Ashley knew she had a drive and passion for helping others. It was during her first pregnancy that she realized she wanted to help and empower women and families to have the best birth experience possible. During her pregnancy she did a lot of her own research on natural birth and pain relief methods. She found there is so much information and choices but no one source to access the information or ask questions. This realization fueled her drive to become a certified HypnoBirthing instructor. Her goal is to provide women and growing families support and teach a birthing technique that suits all walks of birth. She is also looking forward to taking her Placenta Encapsulation course and being able to inform people of all its benefits.

Ashley obtained her Bachelor’s in Interpersonal Communications from Western Michigan University. She has always loved meeting people, building relationships, and using her humor to make people laugh. In June 2018 she had her first baby at home using HypnoBirthing to calmly bring him into the world. Ashley lives in Saint Clair Shores with her husband, son, and three kitties. They enjoy outdoor activities, camping, cooking, and traveling. Ashley’s favorite place to be is at her family cottage in Northern Michigan on Little Bear Lake.

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Samantha Mical

Samantha has enjoyed working as a cosmetologist for 15 years. In 2017 she utilized HypnoBirthing and doula support to have an amazing and crazy birth and welcomed her daughter Lucy. It was this experience that she realized the power of these tools and peaked her interest into birth work. She is passionate about others feeling peaceful in welcoming their little ones. She is preparing to welcome her second little one in August and is excited to begin teaching HypnoBirthing in September!

"Whether it's a cesarean, unmedicated, water birth, medicated, induction. Danielle teaches from the judgement free perspective to help you make it the birth YOU desire." Danielle