A little nervous about birth? Want to know how to relax during labor?

HypnoBirthing® is an amazing philosophy on how we view birth. Our five week HypnoBirthing® class will teach you the tools you need to have an empowered birth and is conducive to any birth choice: epidural ~natural ~induction ~home birth ~hospital birth ~water birth ~cesarean. HypnoBirthing® is a different approach to the way birth is approached and discussed. We use deep relaxation and self-hypnosis to create the most peaceful and relaxed environment for you to bring your joyful bundle into the world! Our classes are taught by Danielle, meet her here.

Accelerated Weekend Classes

Private, in-home classes available for busy schedules and quickly approaching due dates!

Weekends Available: February 11th & 17th, March 11th & 18th, March 12th & 19th