What's In This Second Time Mom's Hospital Bag

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1. Coconut Oil - don't act like you're not surprised! This is right up there with breastmilk in the important and versatility department. It can be used as nipple balm, perineum lubrication by you or your provider, diaper rash cream for babe, and an overall lotion. I buy it in a bulk at Costco and then divide it up amongst the kids rooms, bathroom, kitchen, and my room. 

2.  Two Pairs of Comfy Pajamas - all I wanted to wear during my hospital stay with Tegan was some comfy and oversized jammies. The button up separates work best for nursing as well. 

3. Essential Oils - I like having this option to change the mood of the room. Scent can help relax us, perk us up, and add a pleasant smell when the room smells less then desirable. 

4. Swaddles and Baby Blankets - The sheets and blankets that the hospital uses when our babes enter the world are reused over and over again....ick! Heavy detergents and bleach are used to kill germs between users. Have a baby blanket from home at the ready to wrap baby in when they are placed on your chest.

5. Socks - It's like vacation, you never can have too many socks when going on vacation. The comfy, tall, easy to put on kind.

6. An Outfit For Going Home - You'll be leaving with this new postpartum body, let's be nice to it and pack something comfy yet dignified:) Yoga pants are an obvious possibility! 

7. Two Baby Onesies - I like to bring ones for the time of year we are expecting but then also bring an extra warmer or cooler outfit because, well, we live in Michigan. 

8. Toiletries: tooth brush, tooth paste, mouthwash, deodorant, lotion, body wash, wipes, hairbrush, hair ties, etc. Store all of them in one convenient toiletries bag so it's easy to find. 

9. CHAPSTICK - OMG you will never need it more in your life!

10. Granny Panties - the more coverage and stretch the better. The hospital will provide some mesh ones, grab a few extra of those too!

11. Nursing Bra/Tank/Sports Bra - Something comfy and stretchy

12. Phone Charger - Grandma and Grandpa and your sister will likely be blowing up your phone;)

13. Something to Watch Movies/TV shows/Stand Up Comedians - your labor or hospital stay can end up being longer than you anticipate, bring the entertainment along! 

14. Slippers and Flip Flops - slippers for walking the halls, flip flops for getting in and out of the shower and when you're too warm to wear the slippers. 

15. Birth Preferences - there's a lot of choices we have for the procedures that are offered for us and for baby. Having a list of highest priorities can communicate your desires easily and quickly. It should be one page, brightly colored, and be direct and to the point. If you need help creating one, contact Danielle about how to go about this.  

What About You?

I'd love to hear what things you swear by bringing along for your hospital stay! Share yours below!