What A HypnoBirthing "Birth Plan" Looks Like

Birth plans seems to be a popular topic amongst expectant couples these days. And while I am in full support of having a plan of action for your big day I ALSO have to stress the need to be flexible in your planning. And to not put too much faith in the birth plan it's self, but rather the affect it has on your mindset for your birth.

Birth plans are an awesome way for you and your partner to go over all of your options and consider what decisions you'll be making about your health and your baby's healthy on the day of delivery. It's also a great way for you to communicate and get to know your care provider. Whether you have a mainstream OBGYN doc, a Certified Nurse Midwife, or even a HomeBirth Midwife, a birth plan can be a great tool to bring up questions you'd like to ask them to know if you are making the best decision in delivering with them.

In my HypnoBirthing class I ask my students to start creating their birth plans earlier on than most instructors because I want the discussion between expectant mother, partner, and care provider to happen earlier in the pregnancy than it has been in the past. And to not simply write a short essay on what you will or won't allow to happen to you during your birth, but rather things you are hoping for, things that are of the highest importance, and the overall goals for mom and baby. Here's a great example: 

So, I LOVE this "birth plan" setup. It's different enough from the usual white paper, single spaced, typed plan. It catches the nurses eye. And you can circle or select the things that are most important to you. 

This is a great example of what to take with you to the hospital. But, for your prenatal appointments and what questions to ask your care provider, see my previous blog:

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Dani Whaley