Susie, Stephen, & Aden's Hypnobirth

"My water started a slow leak about 2am on Saturday. I wasn't sure if it was my water or something else because I was not experiencing any surges. We had planned to labor at home as much as I could so we just watched it. Stephen and I watched Michigan football win and even enjoyed a meal at our favorite Thai restaurant! Went into Beaumont Royal Oak about 10:30p. Triage confirmed my water had ruptured and I was at a 1 dilated. This was it! The time had finally come to meet our baby and I felt calm (I attribute this to my HypoBirthing practice). By the time we were moved to L&D, it was nearly 24 hrs since my water had broke. We agreed to the use a folly ball to help me dilate faster. Prior to this birth I had always worried about receiving care from a male physician especially when it came to my lady parts, but surprisingly I was calm and comfortable. The doctor told me that he often makes women cry with the procedure he needed to perform. Again, I was able to relax and during the whole procedure. Thankfully I was able to dilate to a 3 over a few hours time. To my disappointment, my midwife advised me that I would not be able to birth in the Karmanos Natural Birth center as we had hoped for. Now that it had been over 24 hrs since my water broke, it was decided to start pitocin to move things along. 

We were moved to a different room with a tub so I could labor as naturally as possible. Over the next 10 hours I used a couple laboring methods including an exercise ball and being on all fours. Thankfully my midwife supported my desire to labor in the tub, even with the need for monitoring. Huge shout out to my husband, sister, midwife and nurse for the hours of spraying me with the water jets! Baby's heart rate and my temperate was being monitored and became a concern. At this point, I was physically exhausted and mentally draining. With each surge, I utilized my birth breathing to remain calm/relaxed. As expected, there were times when I wanted to give up and take the drugs! I recall impressing myself with between surges I was able to rest and continue to joke with my family. Thankfully my support system was encouraging and helped me remain focused. 

By now I had only progressed to a 6 and after serious discussion, we decided to move forward with an epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and prepped me. Shortly after the epidural, I experienced full body shakes and itchy all over, but continued to labor for another hour. My midwife checked me and sadly I was still at a 6. Failure to progress was my status. 

I thought back to the HypnoBirthing scripts I had listen to in the wee hours of the night and reminded myself that I would be okay no matter which path my birth would take. This was the first time my midwife brought up the option of a c-section. It was also the first time I had ever thought about it, as our birth "plan" was to be all natural. My pregnancy had been very positive and there was no discussion/need for a c-section.  Due to my temperature, the baby's heart rate, lack of progression, the time passed since my water broke, possibility of infection  and further discussions, my birth path would include a c-section. 

My husband was suited up and we rolled down to the OR. The nurse was great as she assured me that everything was okay. Within minutes I was told the baby was out. We did it! My husband and I were introduced to our son Aden born 10/23 at 8:40p. My sons birth included many paths I had not planned for, but in the end we both were healthy and happy. Little did I know the pain I would have postpartum while recovering from a c-section. Thankfully I was able to continue my HypnoBirth practices to remain calm and care for our son. I was so grateful for what my husband and I learned and his full support and encouragement during the whole birthing process. My sister and midwifes assistance and support was priceless, I know that I have the tools and experience to be able to handle whatever life has for my beautiful family in the future."


What an amazing testimony to a couple supporting each other and remaining peaceful not matter the changes that happened during their sons birth. Life can throw us many curve balls, it's our responsibility lies in how we respond. And these two did an amazing job!