Skye, Eric, & Leland's HypnoBirth Story!

"Wanted to tell you how the Birthing went! My water broke first at midnight, thankfully in my bathroom but a super dramatic unending waterfall of liquid. No contractions had started, and when we went to triage at Beaumont they sent me home because I was only dialeted a 1. My contractions started about 10 minutes after we got home, and were horrible. We stuck it out until they were about 4 minutes apart and went back to the hospital to find out I still hadn't dilated past a 2 and to top it off the KNBC was completely full, so they wanted me to either move to regular L&D until they could transfer me to Karmanos Natural Birthing Center, or hang out in triage until a room opened. We choose the latter, and ended up laboring in triage for nearly 6 hours until I was dilated an 8. That was a super un-fun experience... I yelled at poor Eric when he tried doing HypnoBirthing visualizations for me! I was so miserable I'm pretty sure I said "fuck Marie Mongan" several times, lol. BUT, as soon as I got to my room in Karmanos, they already had a bath drawn up which I went into immediately, and it was like a a whole new experience. I immediately calmed down and found my Zen, found my happy place that helped me through the surges, which suddenly barely hurt... It was like an entirely different birthing experience! Marie Mongan's birthing affirmations were playing in the room, they were using lavender oil on everything so it smelled amazing... Eric said my entire demeanor completely changed as soon as we got into the room. Four hours after we got into our room at Karmanos, Leland was born! Angie delivered him, and she's great! I felt great immediately after giving birth, to the point where right away I said "I could totally do this again!". HypnoBirthing helped so much (once we were out of triage, lol), and you and the things you taught us were brought up frequently through the night and morning. So so happy we took your class, my birthing experience far exceeded my expectations!"