Rate of Interventions & HypnoBirthing

Looking to avoid an epidural?

Epidurals can be miracle workers. Some of my students use them. But for those of you mommas who want to avoid pain medication and don't like the idea of a needle in your spine, HypnoBirthing® can help you work through your labor, and possibly help you feel NO PAIN. Ok, so it doesn't happen for every mom I work with but for some, labor pain isn't, well, pain. It's an intense sensation. It's a pressure. We are all wired differently but one thing is for sure true about the human body. The body follows the mind. If you expect pain, if you anticipate having pain during your labor, chances are it will be exactly that. So the rate of epidural use is significantly less for moms using the HypnoBirthing® technique. 

Not keen on perinatal stitches?

Stitches are often needed when our perineum is stretched too quickly during crowning. Our bodies were designed to accommodate our children's heads as they crown and enter the world. But often we are told to hold our breathe and bear down to push our babies out once we hit 10cm. With HypnoBirthing®, we learn about "breathing our babies down" to crowning. It's a mother-directed push. We take time to learn about the power of the uterus and how it is perfectly designed to open the cervix as well as nudge our baby down through the birth path. By taking our time, following our breath, and our own instinct to "push" when we feel the urge, then our babies crowning is far more gentle on our delicate tissues, ahem, down below. 

Wanting to forego the pitocin?

HypnoBirthing® focuses a lot on following the expectant mothers' body and giving our body and baby plenty of time to go into labor when it's ready. It's because of this philosophy that many of my clients can avoid pitocin and indictions because they have been given important questions to ask their care provider. These questions help my students learn more about their care provider's preferences when it comes to inductions and when they like to see them happen, or not happen:) My students know how to give their bodies the time it needs to start labor naturally, on it's own. 

Cesarean birth not your preferred way to deliver?

We all know there are many many many many many things that happen that can lead us down the path to having a cesarean birth. Some of them are avoidable, like having a relaxed mind and body, avoiding modifications to your birth, and having a great relationship with your Doctor. Because we work on those things in class, we know we are doing all the work we can ourselves to avoid a cesarean. But, in the long run, if a cesarean does happen for you, HypnoBirthing® can help you stay calm in the OR. 

Want to birth your baby naturally? Without any pain medication?

HypnoBirthing® Can Help With That


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Dani Whaley