Leigh, John, & Maggie's Amazing Car HypnoBirth!

"I would love to share our birth story! Our baby was born in the car on the way to the hospital! HypnoBirthing helped keep us both calm and positive in the weeks and days leading up to birth and definitely helped during our unexpectedly quick delivery! When we arrived at the hospital with our baby already born everyone kept commenting on how calm we were. Since then, I have continued to use HypnoBirthing in many ways as a new parent. Though our birth did not go as expected, I felt like HypnoBirthing prepared us mentally and emotionally for any birth experience. I had the positive birth experience I wanted even if it was in the front seat of our car :)

Marguerite Mae "Maggie" was born April 2nd around 8:45pm. 7lbs 13oz, 21 inches long. She is only a month old now but it seems like she's always been here! We are having such a great time learning to be parents and loving on our sweet baby girl! Thanks for all your help!"

Leigh, John, and Maggie 


It's stories like this that make my heart sing! Birth can happen in whatever way our little babes decide to come into this world. And that does include accidental car births, unassisted home births, and anywhere else we might find ourselves when we go into labor. 

A large part of our class work is understanding what birth really is, NOT an emergency situation. That the majority of healthy women today are completely capable of birthing their babies without medical intervention. 

The other major aspect of class is how to stay relaxed and calm during any possible situation we might encounter during birth; and having a birth partner that feels confident and calm no matter how labor plays out can be a huge source of peace for my expectant moms. 

Leigh and John took my private accelerated HypnoBirthing class in January, in the comfort of their own home. If you would like to schedule your private weekend class with me, you can register here.