HypnoBirthing In Support of Intervention?

There's a common misconception that HypnoBirthing® is reserved for those only wanting a medication free labor. That a successful HypnoBirth is one where the mother is simply relaxing in bed, breathing angelic yoga breathes and then the baby quickly slips into this world. 

Ok, maybe it's not that seen as exactly that, but you get the point. But I'm happy to share that HypnoBirthing® is actually IN FAVOR of interventions, where interventions are needed or desired.

This philosophy is focused on each individual mother and what she desires for her birth, not how someone else thinks her birth should go.

So if you are contemplating an epidural, go for it. If you are planning a c-section, right on! If you want to go the unmedicated route but want to utilize medication besides an epidural, you have that option with HypnoBirthing®.

In my 5 week class we talk about all, and I mean ALL your options during labor. I LOVE this aspect because I personally found this to be terribly overwhelming when I was pregnant. For every option you might have in a hospital or birth center birth, there are 5,737,588,366,538,392,935 articles about each of them. 

Ain't nobody got time for that!

The beauty of all of this is that HypnoBirthing® works with whatever kind of birth you choose. 

This work is about you, where you are in your relaxation abilities, your fears, your anxieties, and your choices for your baby. It gives you the tools you need to relax and work through ANY situation. Yes, even outside of pregnancy and labor. 

So if you'd like to learn about your options, what might be good choices for you and your family, in a safe environment, contact me here to reserve you spot in my next HypnoBirthing® class series.