"I'll Have What She's Having"


By now you've seen on Facebook and in general news that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their third child today. And I'm sure you've also seen the iconic picture of them standing outside of hospital holding their newest young son all the while Kate looking posh as ever. So have many other people who cannot wrap their minds around how great Kate looks for just giving birth 7 hours prior to the photo being taken. And yes, I know she has a full staff at her disposal so her hair, makeup, wardrobe etc can be tended to but her demeanor is still extraordinary to most. But I'll tell who it doesn't shock.....my students and anyone else who has enjoyed and utilized HypnoBirthing! And lemme tell ya why.....

The Amount of Time in Which These babies Are Born.

Because this practice helps moms learn relaxation techniques and empowers partners to support moms in this work while in labor, labor tends to not be as long and agonizing. The mother is more relaxed, her body is therefore more relaxed and more efficient in labor. They also aren't jetting off to the hospital at the first sign of labor but rather relaxing at home so labor doesn't seem to last for days on end. In class we also learn about interventions and how some might slow down the progression of labor. Inductions and augmentations are less likely to happen. 

HypnoBirthing Helps Moms Manage Labor Intensity.

I'm not gonna claim that my students don't experience intense labor, that would be silly. But it does aid in working through that intensity. Rather than choosing to feel pain and being afraid of the supposed "pain of labor" moms welcome each contraction, or surge as we like to call them, so we are open and relaxed to the experience. There's less tension and fear in the body and can translate as less intense "pain." As a result, moms have more energy and experience a beautiful oxytocin high after delivery. 

HypnoBirthing Moms Are Less Likely to Use Pain Medications.

There are multiple techniques taught during my 5 week course that couples can utilize before resorting to pain medication, which is one of the biggest reasons I have so many students each month. From self-hypnosis practice, labor positions, birth environment, partner interaction and physical support, finding the best hospital to support natural birth, and counter-pressure moves. My students have a vast knowledge of natural birth and how to support the process.

HypnoBirthing Classes Help to Eliminate Fear.

If you think about the stress fear and anxiety puts on your body, whether it be a major life stress or a threat of physical danger, it can be very taxing on the body. And it shows everywhere, especially the face. Kate Middleton, and many of the beautiful mothers I've had the joy of instructing, have a similar joyous and relaxed look after birth. It's not to say what they endured was not hard work or difficult at times, but that they did not dread or fear what was happening. They welcomed each surge, relied on their partners encouraging words and light touch, and supported their bodies through deep cleanings breathes to welcome their little ones. Just look at these beautiful relaxed faces! 

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