If You Haven't Tried Acupuncture, Consider This Your Formal Invitation

So I know I'm known for the "weird" or "out there" things that I talk about in class. Hell, HypnoBirthing itself is considered kinda "out there" to most, but it don't bother me! Because I see the impact these things have on women, specifically moms-to-be and new mommas. And here is the most recent thing that I tried that I can't wait to share with you mommas!


I had the privileged of booking a session with Monica at The Honey Studio in Ferndale a little over a week ago. And let me just start by saying how awesome it was to sit down with Monica in an amazing space WHILE MY DAUGHTER WAS IN CHILDCARE. Yep, she was happily playing in an adorable playroom near the back of the studio with other little people and a wonderful caretaker while I visited and asked lots of questions about this process. This spoke to my momma heart big time. 

Secondly, while I was fully engaged in adult conversation, I learned so much about how this new service being offered here. I've always heard how acupuncture can help women bring on labor if they go far past their due date but I never knew the full scope of how this can be beneficial during pregnancy AND postpartum. Who doesn't need a little help getting back to ourselves then?! so a few cool things that acupuncture can help with during pregnancy:

-it can help to decrease nausea...yep, we all could use that in those miserable first 3 months

-it can help mommas with optimal weight gain during pregnancy, because, well see the reason before this:)

-it can decrease headaches, HEARTBURN (bye-bye gross chalk pills) 

-decrease hypertension

-decrease insomnia (now they are just bragging!)

Acupuncture can help you have a healthy labor too! Here's how:

-it can decrease the need for medical intervention

-can help cut down on labor time by up to 2 hours

-promotes mommas and babes to "go into labor" naturally (and less medical interventions needed with an induction)

-AND CAN HELP TURN A BREECH BABY (what the what?!)

And for those mommas in the postpartum period:

-it can help you recover from your birth experience, whether vaginal or cesarean

-breastfeeding issue like supply or that bitch they call mastitis

-emotional wellbeing for momma, with anxiety and depression 

-insomnia and insomnia specifically related to fear/anxiety (bc ya know, you're nerves can feel fried caring for a tiny human)

-and it supports healthy hormonal levels after the big shift of hormones during and after delivery

So let's talk about this last area of the childbearing year


This was an obvious area of interest of mine. Since losing my baby about 2 months ago I was curious to know how this would personally help me and the clients that I know have endured a lot to bring their little ones into the world. Acupuncture has been shown to greatly help your chances at becoming pregnancy by stimulating blood to the uterus, encourages the uterus to relax, and help the ovaries respond better. It's process helps to bring balance to your body and help mommas feel less stressed. And a less stressed momma is more likely to conceive. 

My Personal Experience

Let me tell you how this session in particular helped me emotionally in order to get me back on that baby makin' road. My session included a look into how I had been feeling and the areas of my life where I'm not happy with how I'm feeling. And a big one has been my anxiety level. When you spend your day in the ER, going through a mescarriage, and you are discharged with instructions to "call 9-1-1 if you pass out, throw up, or are in excruciating pain" you tend to walk around with a little extra anxiety inside you. There was a real worry about ectopic pregnancy with me and it was a scary time. Well, since that expereince, my daughter started school, my business was busy (thanks for all the support all!), and then my loving daughter brought home a NASTY cold from school that kept us both home for weeks. So, there wasn't a lot of self-care or sleep happening. Needless to say, my nerves were shot. So by the time I met with Monica, I was dealing with my own personal anxiety rollercoaster inside me on a daily basis. To make matters worse, when you aren't used to dealing with anxiety or depression, it can seem even scarier, at least that's how I feel) because then I felt total loss of control. Nothing I did helped me shake it. Sleep, diet, relaxation...it just lingered there. I shared this with Monica and it was decided that this was priority #1. Besides, how can you start TTC while dealing with this rollercoaster? During my session I felt a lot of what I can only describe as "different rushes of emotion and then they would dissipate." I know, kind of a vague explanation. I used a lot of my "calm/sleep" breathing from HypnoBirthing to ride those waves of emotion and positive affirmations like "your body and mind are at peace and at rest" "rest more with each breath" and my favorite "this time is a gift." Once the session was over and I was home doing 5,697,875,263 things at once, I noticed something...I wasn't having any anxiety. AT ALL. The moments when it would have been typical in the past 2 months to experience that were not happening. And since then I haven't had any issues. I'm a believer. I can, without a doubt, say that I will be utilizing this service again very, very soon and plan to continue it during my next pregnancy and postpartum. Cause, ain't no momma got time for feeling like crap!

Now, let's talk about this space. 

That's me, and another momma, chillin' during our acupuncture session

That's me, and another momma, chillin' during our acupuncture session

Lighting is everything, baby

Lighting is everything, baby


So, I know the pictures don't do this space justice but my god, it was so chill. And this awesome new service is going to be happening every Monday, thanks to the combined efforts of Honey and Monica's expertise in Acupuncture and her heart for mommas. 

The other cool option for you to get a chance to try acupuncture is at Monica's office Michigan Associates of Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine. 

I was so jazzed to have this opportunity to talk with Monica, experience this incredibly healing and zen time, that I couldn't wait to share it with all you mommas. By sharing more about what we struggle with as mommas, asking for help, and then sharing with our friends what might help them succeed in this motherhood craziness, we all win.

Special thanks to Monica and Honey for having me into their space and sharing their hearts for mommas with me. If you are in the Metro-Detroit area and are looking for some other mommas to support you, classes with your little one, classes without your little one...just a cool space to chill with other moms; this place is pretty baller. 


A little about Monica:


Monica Mae Leibson earned her Masters degree at the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine (SBCOM), and is a NCCAOM Board Certified Acupuncturist. Monica has been trained in the treatment of physical and musculoskeletal injuries, working with alcohol and drug detoxification, as well as working with hospice patients. She has received extensive training in Chinese herbs, physical medicine and anatomy and physiology. Monica has also obtained specialized training in Chinese Medicine and Infertility, studying under both Dr. Randine Lewis (author of The Infertility Cure) and Jane Lyttleton (author of Treating Infertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine). Monica and her infertility practice focuses on integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with Reproductive Medicine.

Monica has been trained as a Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula. As a specialist, she educates clients about their options during birth. Through acupuncture and education, she supports a woman’s body during pregnancy so they are less likely to need induction or medical intervention. She also uses acupuncture and acupressure during birth to relieve pain and assist a smooth birth. Her Postpartum Doula work includes educating women about breastfeeding, hormone regulation and infant health. Monica is the past Treasurer and Membership Chair of the Michigan Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and uses Chinese Medicine to empower her clients to access their physical, emotional, and spiritual power. Monica combines her art of healing to express the divine creativity within all of us. When she’s not assisting patients in their healing, Monica spends her time singing, dancing, and painting.