How Your Partner Can Benefit From HypnoBirthing

1. They find their calm so they can help you keep yours - weather you have a calm partner or not, birth can sometimes be difficult. Especially for our loved ones. And even if you have had the unfortunate experience of going through something difficult like a hospitalization, miscarriage, or illness with them, they can still bring that baggage into the birth with them. Even if this isn't your first baby, they can bring their own emotions into the situation and make it harder for everyone to stay relaxed. If you haven't already, check out my birth story. Having someone to help you stay focused on your breath and what you are capable of can be the most amazing aspect of birth. And when you are on the same page about birth and how to work through it, the experience can be that much more rewarding and solidifying to your relationship. 

2. They learn all the birth things, so they can help you create a plan you both feel good about- Hep B injection? Leaving Intact? Vitamin k? Hospital birth? Birth center? Midwife? OB? Homebirth? Believe me when I say there are A TON more choices and decisions to be made about this big day. Wouldn't it be nice if you both understood the risks and benefits of each choice and made them together? It is a partnership, after all. Because we are the pregnant ones we tend to focus (read: obsess) over these things and do a bulk of the research. So sharing that info can feel super overwhelming to our partners. Instead, having an expert (ahem) to ask all of your questions, learn all the options, and have a set time to talk about these issues can take the burden off of both of you! 

3. They learn how to navigate hospital protocols - like point #2, their are a lot of hospital protocols in place that can feel overwhelming, or that you might not be told about until it's happening. This has been especially helpful to those students that aren't sure about where they are birthing or couples from out of state or out of the country. Things can vary GREATLY between hospitals, and having a partner who can do all the advocating for you...I mean, come on! What a dream! <3

4. They carry their relaxation practice into parenthood - lack of sleep, breastfeeding, feeding yourselves, lots of family visiting, and parenting choices can all leave us a little frazzled. It helps to know how to destress when we don't have time for our typical stress reliever during this transition time. Things will come back to some semblance of normal soon enough, but there still will be those moments in our parenting journey that require a big breath to gather ourselves. This work can help with that. Not only will your partner learn how relaxation helps your body during labor, we learn how a relaxation practice helps everyBODY. 

5. They learn how to support you physically - by now you may have seen my picture of my husband squeezing my hips while i held my doulas hands and I was in mid-squat. I HAD  to have those hip squeezes, for the entire labor. Which was 23 hours long. So you better believe that we learn that in class. Hands on practice so your partner learns YOUR body and what YOU like. We also talk birthing positions, labor positions, and what moms *typically* like and at what stage of labor. 

6. They learn the milestones of labor and how to emotionally encourage you - just like in #5 where your partner will learn those tips for supporting you physically, they will also learn the emotional roadblocks as well as markers that you'll be experiencing. There are typical emotional monuments in labor that most women experience. And it can be hard for our companion to watch us go through those, especially if they aren't expecting them. I often say to partners in class "she might be the most calm women in the history of women. But there will likely be a point where she will turn to you and say something super nuts like, "let's just go home. I don't want to do this anymore. I'll just cross my legs and hold it in until tomorrow. Tomorrow is a better day to do this." Or in my case, "give me a c-section!" No one can be held accountable for what they say in transition or labor for that matter. I've seen when moms have said crazy things and their partner is able to calm their nerves with a "remember, we knew this moment might happen. That means you are soooo close to the end!" Such a powerful moment to witness. 

7. They can better enjoy labor and remember this huge life moment - all of these points help in creating a more fulfilling and empowered birth experience for partner and mom. It truly is my passion to educate couples so they can have the birth they desire.  

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