How To Have A Positive Induction

Here's the thing, no one really says during pregnancy "Man, I hope I need an induction." The word induction has been made into a four letter word in the natural birth world. And while there are PLENTY of horror stories of inductions taking a crazy amount of time or ending in a c-section, there are a few things you can do and options you can discuss with your care provider to still make your induction experience a positive one! 

1. Put off for as long as possible- unless medically necessary, inductions shouldn't be considered until 42 weeks. There are many differing opinions about this decision. And many precautions that can be taken to ensure everyone is healthy while waiting it out. and for every provider that feels inductions MUST be done at 41 weeks or even 40 weeks, there are plenty who support the 42 week induction. Or even later! Those who support the 42 week mark, or support their clients choice to wait PAST 42 weeks, likely will compromise with a Non Stress Test to ensure you and babe are healthy. By waiting as long as possible we are also giving your body plenty of time to be in the most ideal position for induction. You'll likely be more effaced and dialated around 42 weeks vs 40 weeks. So then less medications will be needed to push your body into labor. 

2. The medication you choose makes a difference- going off of #1, waiting as long as possible and allowing maximum change in the cervix you'll likely only need Pitocin to start contractions. It's important to note that introducing Pitocin into your system slowly and allowing your body to adjust to it can make the difference between breathing through the contractions and needing an epidural. Pitocin can be started at "level 1" and then increased once an hour by one level; at an even slower pace if you prefer. However, if an induction is needed for medical reasons and not much cervical change has happened then you have a choice between Cervadil and Misoprostol. IMO, Cervadil seems like a less invasive choice. Because Misoprostol is a pill you ingest, if you have a mad reaction to the medication or it causes too strong of contractions, you're somewhat stuck with it's effects until it's out of your system. Cervadil, on the other hand, leaves your system minutes after being removed. It is a medication placed on something that looks like a tampon and is inserted vaginally. 

3. Movement- just because you're having a more medical experience doesn't mean you have to write off using one of the best things natural birthers use...movement. Walking, lunging, walking the stairs, and different labor positions can help ease the baby down the birth path. Movement, and how and when to use it, is something we learn extensively in my 5 week class series.  

4. Utilizing Different Tools- Birth ball, peanut ball, rebozo, the bathtub, and the shower. Not sure how they are incorporated into birthing your baby? Let's chat about how you can learn about them in my class! [REGISTER FOR CLASS] 

5. Chiropractic Care- If you follow my FB page or Insta at all you've seen my posts towards the end of my recent pregnancy about the importance of chiropractic care. It not only ensures alignment of your pelvis to help you birth your babe easier, it offers great comfort during pregnancy. It's no joke that all that extra weight takes a toll on our lower back, hips, legs, butt, feet ALL THE BODY PARTS. So having proper alignment makes it less uncomfortable. It's also beneficial because it helps babe be in the best position so however your birth starts, they are starting off in the right place. 

6. Spinning Babies- I know, crazy name. But this is an amazing tool to utilize during pregnancy and labor. No, no one will be actually spinning your baby. More like having you do weird seeming stretches in order give your baby plenty of room in your uterus. Here's a good visual of what this could look like during labor:


I started offering this additional hands on training in my classes because I was witnessing many moms rocking out their births MENTALLY, but physically, things were a lot harder to work through. All because baby was in a less than ideal position. I have also seen lots of my students never going into labor because of the baby's position. Yeah, their position can make that big of an impact on your body. Crazy! You can learn more about Spinning Babies HERE. Or, you can attend my class and receive their digital download to get started on their work. 

7. Doula Support- i can't say enough how helpful Margaret was for my husband and I. Birth can take a loooooong time and your partner may need a rest here and there. Or it can be fast and furious, in which case you want someone by your side reassuring you that everything you are feeling is good and normal. I needed both. Doulas can help you work through all the decisions you may need to make during an induction, help your partner get rest, suggest all the little tricks that doulas know to help you feel more comfortable, and basically "mother" you. It's an incredible thing to expereince someone caring for you like that.