How HypnoBirthing Can Help Love Grow During Pregnancy and Labor

You've heard it before..."Are you going to squeeze his hand super hard during every contraction? A little pay back?" 

Birth, in our culture, is seen as an event "to get through" and one that has the ability to isolate the birth partner. Many women worry that their partner won't view the same way again and will be seeing unspeakable things during the birth that will forever change the course of their relationship. 

But the truth is, it doesn't have to be this way. Birth doesn't have to be scary, painful, or negatively affect your relationship.

HypnoBirthing Can Help You Keep "That Lovin' Feelin,'" EVEN During Labor!

  • HypnoBirthing Focuses On Communication and Support During Pregnancy. From the very first week of class, the conversation is about how both mom and partner view birth and what experinces color their perspective. Their emotional well-being as a couple is very important for the work to have a positive impact on their birth. Couples also learn to be open about their fears and anxieties about the birth in order to support and encourage one another. What better way to feel closer to your lover than focusing on each other emotional health BEFORE this little person arrives? 

  • In Class, Partners Learn What the Laboring Mom Experiences. I've been known to say "You might not recognize her at all times during the labor. She will be going through a lot of physical and emotional changes. It's beautiful yet intimidating." Appreciating and knowing how to support a woman in labor takes a little understanding. Classes provide an environment for the couple to learn about all the possible changes and how that might affect how she acts, looks, or says. 

  • Couples Learn What Verbal and Physical Support Will Look Like for Them. It's never known exactly what will work for each laboring woman but giving partners the knowledge of what they can offer when surges get intense can make all the difference in how they both will replay that day in their minds. Postivie affirmations, counter-pressure, and cold/hot compresses at different stages of labor can uplift the birth companions confidence and the mothers love for their partner. *cue Barry Manilow*

"Not only was it positive for me but it was also for Jake and added a whole new respect for each other in our relationship." -Chelsea, first time mom

  • Couples Learn the Science and Benefit Behind Their Love Making. Not everyone is aware of the deep connection between birth and sex. Yes, sex makes it possible for there to be a baby in the first place but the role sex can play in those last few days before birth and through the entire event. Knowing the power of our own Oxytocin in birth can make all the difference. No matter what type of birth my clients are planning, I always give suggestions for every stage of labor for the partner to love on the mother. Snuggling together in bed, kissing, light touch massage, caressing her hair, slow dancing, and creating alone time, even in the hospital, to create a loving and soft environment for your child to enter this world.

Consider choosing HypnoBirthing to help you and your partner prepare and connect for this next chapter in your lives.

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