Falling Asleep During HypnoBirthing®

During class 2 of my 5 week HypnoBirthing® series I like to ask my students how their first week of practice with their relaxation CD went. And the answer is often...

"I fell asleep"

Both mom and partner usually have guilty look on their faces as well.

And I always respond with "THAT'S GREAT!"

Falling asleep during your own practice at home and even our practice together in class is a great sign that you are doing exactly what you need to do...RELAX.

You can't sleep if you don't feel relaxed and safe, right? And if your mind is wondering or distracted, or even worse, not believing you can have a peaceful birth, your body isn't going to relax and you wouldn't be falling asleep during these exercises.

HypnoBirthing® is THAT easy. It's about believing what is physiologically true about your body and your baby and the power of your mind-body connection. In class we learn a lot about what your body is capable of; from the power of the uterus and it's main job (to push the baby out) to the intelligence behind your baby's physical design and the path it will take during labor. 

Through daily practice of relaxing, which honestly entails you sitting down and listening to the HypnoBirthing® relaxation CD and breathing calmly and believing that you are capable of having a relaxed birth you will have the birth that you desire. 

I've worked with laboring mothers who actually slept through large portions of their labor. Yup, sleeping THROUGH their surges. Resting. Breathing. And spending time with their partner. Giving their bodies and babies time to do their most important work. It's a beautiful thing to see a mother fully relaxed on her birthing day. 

If you would like more information on how to register for my HypnoBirthing® class and would like to start your practice TODAY, contact me today and you can start listening to the relaxation tracks TONIGHT. 


Dani Whaley