Becky, Andrew, & Jeremy's HypnoBirth Story!

"I knew as soon as I got pregnant that I wasn’t looking for the stereotypical, high anxiety hospital birth for my child, and so I started doing research for alternative pain management and birthing methods. That’s when I found HypnoBirthing and Danielle. From the first class, I knew that this was what I wanted for my baby - a calm, relaxed birth. At 11:44 pm on January 13th, my son was born after eight hours of labor and less than two hour of active labor. By using the relaxation and visualization techniques that Danielle taught us, my husband and I were able to create a peaceful environment for our son’s birth. I was able to focus on my breathing, allowing for an un-medicated hospital birth, except for some oxygen and iv fluids for me. I experienced no pain related to the birth itself, only from an uncooperative hip and a little  tearing due to how quickly our birth progressed. Our son came into his new world completely alert and ready to meet his parents. The biggest impact HypnoBirthing had on our birth was the active role my husband took in bringing our son into this world as my birth partner. He was able to recognize when I was starting to panic and refocus my mind on the task at hand. He knew exactly what to say when and how to keep me focused. After our son was born, he asked me how he did. All I could say was “You were perfect. I couldn’t have done it without you.” We are definitely glad we took your class and thank you so much for everything you taught us!"

-Becky, October 2016 HypnoBirthing Student

Dani Whaley