When Your Little One Is Not Exactly "Planned"

Today is a weird one. I'm full of nerves and excitement for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, my family and I are leaving on our FIRST family vacation. And I'm taking my daughter and husband to a place that holds so much of me it baffles me it has taken this long to share it with them. But then I remember what we've been busy doing for the past 3 years.

My hubby and I met when I was home for what was supposed to be a short stay. I fell in love and I didn't look back. We married 6 months later. And, amazingly, we had a 5% chance baby girl begin to grow a year later. And that put a lot of our life on hold, including taking this trip. All the feels. 

We had a plan to start our family after about 5 years of marriage. So this shook things up. I had just started an Executive Assistant position, we had a few crazy entrepreneur ideas cooking, and a 6 month old black lab. Hahahaha. 

I severely struggled in the beginning of my pregnancy with my emotions. I was stressed, worried, and even depressed at times. Yep, I was that heartless woman upset over an amazing miracle. But I was part of the 13% who experience pregnancy depression. Pregnancy isn't something people associate with pregnancy but it happens.

I'm here to tell you that you're not alone if you're experiencing these feelings. Talk to a friend. Talk to your partner. SOMEONE. Connect with me.

It's honestly amazing to see how much our lives have changed and how this path was the obvious better one for our little family. It was the crazy change in plan that I needed 3 years ago.

This little lady shook things up in the best way possible. It was tough at first but with support from family, friends, and HypnoBirthing, I was able to learn to connect with myself more. To know my emotions, my choices, and the energy I put out and how that affects my life and my daughter. 

An amazing resource for support is It takes A Village; a free support group that meets at Nature's Playhouse in Ferndale, MI. Click here for more details!

If you'd like to connect and chat more about this or any other related topic, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly. I'm always here with an extra shoulder.

Dani Whaley