Inductions and Female Orgasms: Why We Talk Sex in HypnoBirthing.

While western medicine has come a long way in it's support of maternal based care in Oakland County and the surrounding areas, there are still a good number of excellent OB's and Midwives who "like to see their clients go into labor by 41+3 weeks or we talk induction." And while every care provider has their reasoning behind this protocol, it can add unnecessary stress to expectant couples. And a stressed body is not one that goes into labor on it's own very easily. It's usually around the 39 week mark that mother's get the unwanted advice on how to jump start labor. Sometimes from really surprising people too.

"You should go on a nice, long walk." "You should drive down a bumpy road." "Mop all your floors on your hands and knees." "Eat lots of pineapple." "Eat spicy food." "Go home and have sex!"

It's advice that us mother's hear without fail towards the end of our pregnancy. And while these are all things that might seem like they can make you go into labor, sex is the winner.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

But there is some clarification needed in order for it to actually work.

When you're 9 months pregnant, uncomfortable, bloated, and sweaty, one of the last things you may want to do is get ya freak on. As much as we love our partner, pregnancy can be a real pleasure killer. And unfortunately that is the exact thing you have to focus on in order for sex to kick start your labor....YOUR pleasure.

Now, don't get me wrong, semen has an important role as well. Semen is made up of prostoglandins which soften your cervix. But it's the woman's orgasm that gets the uterus to start contracting. And if the body is ready, then hopefully labor will continue on from there. 

So here's the struggle: not all of us ladies are able to climax in our late stages of pregnancy. Sometimes it's just not possible- with traditional methods. It may not be your personal "cup of tea" to introduce something like a vibrator into your sex life while pregnant. It may seem like a down-right dirty thing to do while expecting your child's arrival into the world. But if it helps you climax then consider it! 

Yes, you  heard it here first. Your HypnoBirthing instructor is advising you to buy a vibrator to help you climax during sex and help you avoid an induction! 


It's sage advice and I'm sticking to it. And I will continue to bring up this subject with my clients until everyone of my female clients are smiling from ear to ear.