Metro-Detroit's Best Support for Moms, their Pelvic Floors, and their Post-Baby Bodies: Meet Ashley!

Today's blog features a local mom who we are very excited to introduce our clients to. Her work is oh so very important to us moms and we personally plan on taking advantage of this amazing resource in Oakland County! 

Ashley Gammon, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified MuTu Pro™, and founder of BeYoutiful Within - Core and Pelvic Floor Health for Mothers, offers expertise and advice to moms suffering from a number of common postpartum problems to include incontinence, lower back pain, constipation, and the “baby pooch”. Ashley studied with the American Council on Exercise to become certified as a personal trainer. She was also among the first 33 people to be certified as a MuTu Pro by founder of MuTu System®, Wendy Powell. This is a globally recognized, medically endorsed program designed specially for postpartum mothers. The method that Ashley is certified to train on will help you get your body back, be strong, and be body confident. It will get you back to where you deserve to be, having a strong core and pelvic floor.  Take it from Ashley, who herself had a 3 finger wide diastasis recti (DR) that she discovered after her third child.

Ashley is a military wife of 12 years. She and her husband have three beautiful daughters. She has lived all over the World, including six years in Europe, but she calls Indiana home. Michigan became their new home in the summer of 2015.

Ashley has a passion for running, but has been put on hold due to her diastasis that was never corrected. She ran her first half-marathon in 2015 (Detroit Free Press), completed a 13km rugged terrain course (Grafenwoehr, Germany), a 18km Hammer Run (Hirschau, Germany), and completed many 5km races. Ashley's greatest running accomplishment was placing 3rd (overall) 1st (women) in the TACOM Army Ten Miler Qualifier this past May (2016). Ashley earned a spot on the TACOM Army Ten Miler team to run the Army Ten Miler in Washington DC this October.


Ashley has always been health conscious, but it wasn't until after her third child in 2012 when she became very focused and serious with her fitness journey. She worked hard for three years to get her pre-baby body back. What she didn't know was that she had a DR and almost everything she was doing was working against her “baby pooch”. This is one reason she is so passionate about reaching the postpartum moms as soon as she can after delivery. Had she known then what she knows now, her journey may have been much different. Although she wouldn't change any of it, because now she help educate other moms in this very ignored, yet important issue.

Ashley started her own business BeYoutiful Within in June 2016 and has already helped many moms correct leaking (incontinence), reduce lower back pain, and reduce their baby belly. She hopes to reach out to as many women as possible through local chiropractors, doulas, Midwifes, OBGYNs, physical therapists, lactation consultants and anyone else related to women's health.

You can learn more about Ashley's program and her services here: