Best Labor and Postpartum Doulas in Michigan: I Want An Epidural Birth, So Why Should I Hire A Doula?

"I'm too scared to go the natural route so I won't need a doula."

"I already know I'm going to get an epidural so that's something doulas don't allow, right?"

These are some of the responses we have heard from expectant mothers inquiring about our services. And while these may be applicable to a select few doulas, the new generation of doulas being trained by ProDoula and more importantly, the doulas who make up ExpectingJoy Birth Services are a little different when it comes what we support. 

We Support the Use of Epidurals - we understand that not every woman wants to have an unmedicated birth. The way birth has been portrayed in the media, our past experiences, and our own understanding of the human body can influence us to use an epidural to bring our little ones into the world. Whatever your decision is, our doulas can still be there to support you and your choices. 

Doulas Can Support Epidurals Too - when a client chooses to use an epidural our doulas can help in many ways. From keeping you hydrated, suggesting positioning during labor to help labor progress, comfort measures (yes, depending on the dosage of the epidural you may still feel some sensation), and stepping in to give your partner time to rest or to grab a quick bite to eat. 

Epidurals Do Not Guarantee an Easy and Quick Labor - the distinction needs to be made between epidurals and "easy deliveries." While epidurals can help laboring mothers relax by taking the edge off of the sensations of delivery it doesn't guarantee it won't be difficult at times. Depending on the dosage that the anesthesiologist uses there can still be sensations to work through and labor can still take a longer length of time then anticipated. Our doulas are trained to help you rest when you can, get you moving into positions (when possible) to move labor along, and talk you thought the process of an epidural because, let's be honest, isn't the EASIEST thing in the world. 

You Have Our Unbiased Support - no matter what your choice is; epidural, unmedicated, planned cesarean, home birth, water birth, we support it all. We believe whole-heartily in YOUR decision to have the birth that YOU desire, and we will be there to help make that happen.