ExpectingJoy Birth Services: "Lady Crap to Try"- Menstrual Cups!

Yay! Menstrual cups! OMG so much fun! Right? Right? 

Yeah, I know. It's hard to get excited about this topic. It just doesn't have a good ring to it: menstrual cup. Hmm. Maybe it should be called Magical Lady Cup. 

But I decided to give it a try. I don't know if it was my desire to be all sorts of trendiness, right down to my feminine hygiene or to cut costs on paper products in our house. Either way I gave it a try and it changed my life.

No more double checking my purse for supplies.

No more asking a friend (or worse, someone I don't know) for a spare tampon.

And no one nows why I buy such large quantities of cookies and chocolate at Costco now. It's between me and the red devil in my belly. 

It's a pretty straight forward product and if you are daring enough to give it a try and practice a few times to get used to inserting it you will not be sorry. 

Some benefits you may experience:

-Fewer/no more leaks. Seriously. Hoover Damn. This kicks my tampons' ass.(if tampons had an ass, that is)

-$120 a year. Need I say more?

-Piece of mind. No wondering where that little tampon guy is going after you flush. 

-No more waste in a landfill. if you're like me and cloth diaper your kids then you are already primed and ready for this product. 

I will say this though. It does take some time getting used to putting it in and taking out. Ok, the taking out is the tough part.

You will at one point think that it is permanently stuck up there and you will never have sex ever again. 

Take a beat and breath. Maybe do something else and relax a bit before trying again. We all know how helpful relaxing is for that region, right ladies? But really it's just a matter of getting the right grip on it and releasing the slight suction it has. Once you master that step you will feel unstoppable. You will feel on top of the world. 


So if I have at least peaked your interest in purchasing one you can go here

Good luck, have fun. 

-Danielle Whaley

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