The Best Birth and Postpartum Doulas in Michigan: Are You A Serial Nester?

One of the less intrusive and controversy-causing questions women sometimes hear while pregnant is if they have begun "nesting" yet? 

I know, it just sounds like an excuse for pregnant ladies to buy more stuff that they don't need at Target, right? Nah, turns out, it's real. And it's all part of our hormonal changes we experience during pregnancy. It's kind of like how birds build nests or hamsters collect things to build a little bed. Now, of course, there isn't any mommas out there tearing up newspaper and shredding their pillows to create their own giant birthing bean bag but they may experience other symptoms. and if you're expecting a little bundle-of-joy then it's safe to say you might experience some of these symptoms:

Obsessively cleaning your house- Ever cleaned the baseboards at 2am? Or you might just need to runt hat vacuum a third time 

Washing baby clothes- Even though your bestie handed down some of the sweetest little outfits for your upcoming babe and you know she's a clean freak you just have to run those little ensembles a second time

Asking your partner to do ridiculous tasks- any other time of year you may not give a hoot about those gutters. But gosh darn it, you want to bring the baby home to a perfect house! 

Instilling new rules around the house- your poor pet may have enjoyed your king sized bed with you until now. Now you are ultra sensitive to their dirtiness and think they shouldn't be on any surface the baby might possibly be on

Your windows- need we say more?

While nesting is a helpful and normal thing to experience during your last weeks of pregnancy there are few things to keep in mind when you are doing your spring cleaning- in the middle of November:

  1. Be sensible about your physical limitations. Don't climb, overreach, or lift anything too heavy. 
  2. Avoid risky business. If you really think the bathroom ceiling needs to be scrubbed again, ask your partner or better yet, hire additional help when possible. 
  3. Take frequent breaks and snack often. With all this extra work you feel the need to do it's important to not exhaust yourself before the big marathon of labor. Your body will tell you when you've done too much. Try to take a break before that point. And remember to refuel often on healthy snacks and plan healthy meals.

What about you? Have any crazy things you felt that needed a deep clean when you were pregnant? 

Dani WhaleyComment