How HypnoBirthing Helps You Be a Better Parent.

1. You're Able to Handle the Tough Decisions

Birth is unpredictable. LIFE is unpredictable. And life with a child is, yeah, you get where I'm going. And there will be tough decisions to be made that can be stressful, if we let them stress us out. But, I've found that my HypnoBirthing training has made a huge impact on my anxieties surrounding parenthood and making choices about someone I love so friggin much! I know now how to stop, take a moment, and breathe when I'm faced with a tough choice. When my daughter falls down and hurts herself I don't gasp and run franticly over to her. I pause and take a breath and I am able to care for her without having an energy of fear and anxiety around me. And our kiddos pick up on that stuff. 

2. It Can Positively Impact Your Breastfeeding Relationship

Breastfeeding isn't as easy as it looks. Many mothers stress and lose sleep over their breastfeeding struggles in the first couple of weeks or sometimes months. but I can tell you, having a level head and not letting anxiety get the best of you can make the whole experience easier on the both of you. You are able to think clearly and rationally, all the while processing your emotions. HypnoBirthing doesn't turn you into a saint or a meditating guru, but it can give you the tools to calm yourself down quickly when dealing with a hungry, crying newborn.

3. You Might Not Freak Out About the Little Things

Temper tantrums, stuffy noses, large amounts of throw ups, and relatives wanting to kiss and snuggle your brand spakin' new kiddo can drive you bananas. But in HypnoBirthing we learn how to talk to our care providers about birth preferences. It can be intimidating to speak up about your desires to a medical professional, especially if they disagree. How is this any different from a relative? Or a stranger? Before voicing your preference for everyone's lips to remain off of your newborn you can do a little "Lavender, breath in. Breath out, 3, 2, 1, 0." Am i right?

4. You and Your Partner Will Have More Time To Be On the Same Page

I LOVE seeing couples come together in class. Whether it's the mom voicing her fears about pooping on the table or the partner learning how to comfort her during an intense surge. Class gives them the space to come together and connect about the baby. It makes your discussion about any decisions to be made an intentional one. you've had lot's of practice during pregnancy, now you're more well-equipped to work with your partner raising your child together.

5. Your Little One May Be More Easily Soothed

Now don't call me at 3am if I'm wrong about your kiddo. But seriously, our children are little sponges. They can sense if you're stressed. They can feel your emotions and the environment they are in. So wouldn't it be awesome to create the most peaceful environment you can when they are cookin' and when they are born? HypnoBirthing pushes couples to take time daily to relax and decompress after their day. And to consider making the birthing environment as relaxing and peaceful as they can. your kid will pick up on that and will thank you for it. 


HypnoBirthing (or I, for that matter) don't guarantee a perfect birth, or a perfect, peaceful baby. But it does give YOU the tools to make everything surrounding this eventful day as positive and peaceful as you can impact. It's up to you and your partner to take this practice and implement it into your lives. And that's why I LOVE it.


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Dani Whaley