Your Kid; Your Call

I Am Not Here to Convince You That My Choices Should Be Your Choices

I love my work. It's probably really obvious that I love my work but I feel the need to share whenever I can how much I love what I do. And I think it's because I do for my clients what I so strongly desired when I was pregnant. 

Unbiased Support

I needed someone who could come along side me, help me think through every possible option I had, and then tell me I'm awesome and that I can make a damn good decision when it comes to the care of my newborn baby girl.

Parenting is so tough when it comes to the number of decisions we have. But it's also really awesome how many options we have now for our little ones. Sounds confusing, right? 

It's a Blessing and a Curse

But for some of us, it can seem overwhelming. But really all we need during these tiring times is someone to tell us that we are doing great, give us some helpful information on these choices, and to tell us we are doing great and to support what we decide. And maybe ask questions about what we may be working through.

Here's How It Works With HypnoBirthing®

So many times couples start their HypnoBirthing® series with me feeling nervous that "they won't be good at this" or "they aren't very relaxed people so they will probably be bad at this stuff." HypnoBirthing® isn't about doing birth perfectly. It acknowledges and honors the fact that EVERY SINGLE BODY IS DIFFERENT and that EVERY SINGLE BODY LABORS DIFFERENTLY. There's differences between your first birth and your 4th for goodness sakes! It teaches expectant couples how to relax and find their own relaxation groove. Yes, the CD and textbook are incredibly helpful. But within the HypnoBirthing® curriculum you learn that you have to make your birthing environment YOURS. Not your doctors', not your mother-in-laws, YOURS. So if that means watching television; if that means dancing; if that means sleeping; YOU DO YOU. It's the unbiased approach to birth that I wish all expectant couples had the option to experience because it takes the pressure off of doing something perfectly. And instead, doing something your way. And the way you envision and desire your child to come into this world. 

And My Approach Is AWESOME

I love choices. I can't say enough how empowering it is to learn that you have a say in what happens in your own life. And that is exactly my hearts desire. To share your choices with you and be there if you have questions about these choices. You want a homebirth? AWESOME. you want to eat during labor? AWESOME. You want to listen to the 8 Mile Soundtrack during your labor? EVEN MORE AWESOME. I support YOUR decisions because, news flash, it's your child. And I already have my own to make these tough calls about, I don't need to be in charge of ANOTHER tiny human that I didn't grow from scratch. 

I'm NOT going to try and convince you to not vaccinate your kid; or not have an epidural; or breastfeed; or not circumcise; or co-sleep; or any other number of crazy "crunchy" things most people in my position are known for being into. If you ask, I'll probably tell you my personal opinion. But that's where it stops. 

My lips are sealed.

I'm keeping my opinion to myself.

So if you want an awesome class that helps you chill out while talking about the tough crappy decisions we get to make as parents, check out for my monthly HypnoBirthing® class. I'd love for you to join me! 


Dani Whaley