What Will Be In My HypnoBirthing Hospital Bag Next Time?

It's asked often enough in my HypnoBirthing classes about what to pack in your hospital bag. There may be more things that you can think of but these are MY ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES (for next time.lol) 

My Hospital Bag Checklist!

-relaxation scripts/folder from class

In my HypnoBirthing class I give couples multiple handouts and a folder for families to keep. Relaxation scripts for partner or doula to read to mom and a few handouts to help partner recognize stages of labor and how to assist in making mom comfortable and "stay in her groove" of HypnoBirthing. 

-essential oils

I love me some essential oils. And scent can be an amazing way to relax. Anything to make the environment like home so if you use these oils everyday they can help you make the hospital environment your own. I would just suggest to use the oils in a way that you can change the scent quickly. During labor, moms sense of smell and what agrees with her can change at a moments notice. Using a cotton ball or a smaller amount than normal in your diffuser can make changing the smell that much easier. 


Especially if you don't want to be super chatty during labor and you're more of a quieter laborer. No ones chats with a person wearing headphones. Lol but seriously, it can help you shut a lot out.

-birth visuals

Blossoming flowers were my jam towards the end of pregnancy. We learn about visualization stuff during class. Even a picture of the anatomy of birth can help you "wrap your mind" around whats happening.


I would suggest using a colorful cover. So you don't mistakenly leave it at the hospital and stands out from their pillows.


DOOOOOOO IT! Just trust me. DO IT.

-water bottle

Personal choice here. I don't like styrofoam cups and plastic straw. Call me a princess, I don't care. 

-coconut oil

Let's see. What do I NOT use coconut oil for? Hmm, that might take a while. Nipple cream, lotion, diaper cream (great for getting brand new little human poop off of little tiny butts), face moisturizer...need I say more?


Made me feel as human as I could staying in a hospital for that amount of time. And lips can get chapped during labor.

-makeup bag

No it's not superficial to want to have your makeup with you. You do you, guuuurl.

-favorite soap/lotion

I have a distinct memory of smelling my lavender soap from the bathroom and the nurses asking what that amazing smell was. It's soap that my mom and I used to make together and now I make it for my family. 


I totally forgot these. Chances are, if you do forget, some awesome woman will let you have theirs. My good friend Carmen put my hair up for me during my labor and I am indebted to her for forever. 


Even in the summer. Hospitals crank that AC. 

-flip flops

Shower besides your own, flip flops please! And they are typically the shoes of choice towards the end of pregnancy.

-swim top

Great option to labor in. Like an easily removable bra. 

-bath robe

-extra comfy PJ's

-loose fitting clothes

The bigger the better. 

-charge cord


No judgement here if you want to binge watch New Girl during labor or after. 

-nursing tank

Don't buy a nursing bra. Don't do it. Those suckers are going to change so much the week to week and a half after you're home. And nursing tanks will be your BFF during your nursing months. 

-babies clothes

Don't overthink it. Something cute and sized appropriately :)

-baby book

Great if you want foot prints and something to write in and work on during your stay. 


Seems obvious but not to everyone. *cough, cough*


Great backup if you run out of space on your phone.

-large comfy underwear

Big enough for some LARGE pads. But bring your own because the mesh ones the hospital provides does not make you feel very pretty. IMO

That's it, mommas! Just a few tid-bits that I would suggest for myself next time and things that I think are helpful to know you can bring with you.

Dani Whaley